Ways to be Involved

Adult Ministry Involvement & Bible Studies

It's so important to feed your soul on God's Word! If you're not in a small group bible study at least once a week, you are starving your soul and making it easier to be "a meal waiting to happen" for our spiritual enemy, the devil. In addition, you are not properly prepared to handle the various junk that this world will hand you.

Every person at The Oasis hears regularly how important it is to start each day with the Word of God. It really sets the tone and gets spiritual food into your soul. In addition, every Christian serious about being strong in the Lord needs to be part of a weekly small group bible study, where the real applications from the Bible to life are experienced.

The Bible will never be more real and clear to you than when you are connected to a group of people who live the life of Jesus in front of each other. Our Bible studies take place all during the week, both at The Oasis and in homes. Here are the current weekly Bible study times:

Our adult ministries are shaped by God's vision for us to be a Free Methodist Church of Worship, the Word, Prayer and Fellowship. The scriptures teach us these methods for finding God, knowing God, obeying God and being rewarded by God.

Here is a current, but growing list of ways adults can get involved in a mission at The Oasis that truly matters - because it's for Jesus, our Savior and King.

Adult Ministries in Worship

1. Worship Team (singers, keyboards, drums, percussion, guitar, bass, Sunday worship, special music, recording projects.)

2. Audio/Visual Ministry (video projection, CD/DVD duplication, sermon recordings and posting on church website, worship team song list projections, etc.)

3. Greeting Ministry (Sunday worship)

4. Baptism Ministry (Baptism Sundays are scheduled regularly)

5. Drama Ministry

Adult Ministries in the Word

  1. Mid Week Adult Bible Studies

2. Women's Bible Study

3. Month Men's Bible Study

Adult Ministries in Prayer

1. Men's Prayer Breakfasts (scheduled throughout the year)

2. Oasis Prayer Team, lead by John Ornellas

3. Oasis Prayer Line (email and social network connection for 24/7 prayer) and email chain

Adult Ministries in Fellowship

  1. Young Adults Group lead by Praise Adesida

2. The Lunch Bunch (usually Sundays)2

3. "Young at Heart" Seniors Ministry staffed by Dalia Ornellas

4. "Taste & See" Kitchen Ministries

5. Sunday Coffee Fellowship (9am each Sunday morning)

Discipling Teams

1. Cross Training Ministries- New Christians Developing into disciples lead by Melissa Flores

2. Fellowship Sunday Team- Sherry Roe could use your help monthly.

3. Video Team- Simply check in or even record your experiences at Oasis, share with us on our Facebook page.

4. First Impressions Team

5. Outreach Team- Radiate outreach Ministries- Schedules events both in the church and in the community

6. Facility Team- Lead by Patrick Blackford assisted by Ben Foley, and Mr. Tiburcio Diaz and Brian Ratto these gentlemen can always use a hand ask today how you can help