Church Staff

Our Senior Pastors are passionate Christians who believe in teaching and preaching the undiluted word of God and making disciples of all Nations for Christ. They are well equipped with diverse gifts of the Holy Spirit and God uses them to train leaders for His Kingdom.

'Gbenga & Immaculate Adesida | Senior Pastoral Staff

Pastor 'Gbenga and Pastor Immaculate Adesida first came to Oasis CF in 2004, after a fruitful College Ministry in Rochester, NY while serving as College Ministers at Elim Gospel Church, Lima, NY. While at Oasis CF, they directed the Youth Ministry and later the Young Adult Ministry before being sent out to Concord, CA to plant Light To All Nations Church in January, 2009. The Adesida's are blessed with four girls, Divine, Praise, Joy and Faith.

Divine Adesida | Assistant Pastor & Worship Team Leader

Praise Adesida | Young Adults Small Groups Lead

Divine & Praise, the two eldest daughters minister also at Oasis. Divine is in the ordination track and serves as Assistant Pastor for the church, she is also our worship team leader. While Praise is a gifted Bible teacher and counselor to our young adults.

Priscilla Foley | Director of Children's Education

The Lord's presence is evident in Priscilla's life as demonstrated by her willingness to serve our heavenly Father. She and her family have been a part of the Oasis family working together between various ministries for over 5 years. God has given her a passionate desire to help young people grow into strong souls on fire for the Lord.

John & Dalia Ornellas | Directors of Young @ Heart Ministries

John and Dalia have served at the Oasis for over 16 years. They are amazing role models of faith and trust in God, not only to our Seniors but to the congregation as a whole. They understand the importance of connecting to our senior community. It is so apparent that they love the Lord, and adore the ministry in which they've been called.

Melissa Flores | Outreach & Digital Director

Melissa has been going to the Oasis for 17 years. She has a desire to use her talents for the Lord to glorify His kingdom. She uses her knowledge of digital art and media to maintain our website and leads in the coordination of church outreach events, as well as various secretarial and facility-related duties

Barb Mikkelson and Wendy Wilson

~Co-Children's Ministries Leaders~

Barb Mikkelson a community preschool teacher with years of experience helping young minds develop. She and Wendy have a passion for teaching our young ones what it means to love the Lord. Our children's ministry is developed around a CARE-riculum where relationships are primary to make sure our children feel involved and important in our church. We pray the Lord strengthens these ladies as they work with these energy-filled precious lambs of God.

2021 Board of Directors

Treasurer - Bob Howes

Secretary - Sherry Roe

Delegate - Valerie Rodriguez

Alternate Delegate - Daniel Lukin

Facility Trustee - Ben Foley

Alternate Facility Trustee -