Core Beliefs

Jesus is our Rock | This is how we Roll

God has always existed. He alone is God. There is no other. God created all things, including us. He created us with a soul, for the purpose of loving Him. God gave written instructions (the Bible) to men as to how He desires for us to live. We disobeyed Him. This disqualified us for being in His holy presence. We had no hope. He Himself came down to earth as Jesus. He paid the penalty for our disobedience on the cross.

He rose from the dead to demonstrate His power to forgive and save. He lives! He has come to us now in the form of the Holy Spirit. He will return to the earth at the time of His choosing to judge the world. Those who lived for Him by faith will be rewarded with eternal life with Him in heaven!

Our Core Values at Oasis Christian Fellowship

Worship is not about "getting fed", spiritually. Getting fed spiritually happens at Bible studies, etc. Worship is about GIVING to God, not getting from God. At The Oasis, our Sunday worship services are designed and inspired by what we know GOD wants, not what people want. Our mission in worship is to please Him by expressing our love and thankfulness to Him. He deserves it!

God's written Word, the Bible, is a demonstration of God's amazing power to provide conclusive evidence as to the reality of His claims about Himself, this life and the life to come. No man or amount of men could produce the perfect prophecy record and miraculous soul-healing power of His teachings. Indeed, His Word is alive and reading His Word feeds our souls powerfully.

Prayer is not simply telling God what you want. Prayer is not about informing God. God knows everything happening to us. He sees ahead of us and has all the answers. Prayer, then, is primarily about LISTENING to God. This is an essential key to becoming strong spiritually.

God uses His presence in the hearts of individuals to accomplish amazing things in the hearts of the Body of Christ, the family of God. All that He shares with us in terms of growing us spiritually, He asks that we share with others in the fellowship that is in any healthy church.

Discipleship begins with helping people understand who Jesus is and what He's done for them. From the very first time a person comes into The Oasis, there are numerous paths available to them for understanding this and going from there. We have wonderful Discipling Teams who follow up with every person who begins a personal relationship with Jesus. God wants us to be strong in our relationship with Him and this is the primary mission of the various ministries at OCF.